Sunday, 10 February 2008

Pre-emptive birthday celebration

As of the 15th of February, lefthandpalm will have been setting the world to rights for a year. That there still is a world to be set right (or should that be set left?) is largely, I think, due to my efforts. Without the 179 posts contributed prior to this one, the last 12 months would have been much worse for everyone.

Though much is done, much remains to do. In the next 12 months, lefthandpalm will drive President Bush from office, will trigger a general election in New Zealand, resulting in a Labour-Green-Progressive coalition. My diligent work wil continue to see the standard of living of those who need it most gradually improving. I will also cause a general election in Britain, though I can't guarantee the results. I'd hope the Labour party return to power, but I suspect they may come a cropper.

I will continue to exert upwards pressure on house prices, and I will maintain interest rates at their current level throughout the year. I might even raise them in the last quarter, if it pleases me to do so.

Unfortunately, I won't be causing any effective action on climate change - the countervailling forces of business and oil grubbing are too strong, even for me. But there will be a steady increase in support, and more citizens initiatives taking action in the face of governmental reluctance. Hopefully.

Sadly, it is unlikely my blogging will be able to keep Gore Vidal alive for another 12 months. The grim reaper may also tap the great Jean Luc Godard on the shoulder, since he made off with Bergman and Antonioni last year.

I promise you all I will ensure Ian McCewan does not win the MAN Booker Prize. The possibility of a printout of this blog's posting being considered entertains me.

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