Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Castro gone

It is hard not to feel ambivalent about Castro (1)- he was undoubtedly an unlikeable tyrant, but there were and are far worse regimes (some of them are our valued trading partners and proud Olympic hosts). The propoganda of both sides should be discarded - Cuba was neither a socialist paradise, nor Hell on Earth. It was probably better in many ways than it was when Castro seized power, but his refusal to give up that power, and the abuses of it marred his legacy.

The Maimi Cubans must be gutted that he didn't die on the job. Resigning in favour of his brother means the regime survives, even if (as I suspect) Fidel is on his last legs. Any celebrations will be rather empty - the Cuban exiles aren't going anywhere fast, and haven't really got anything to cheer about.
1 - 'Castro Legacy Holds Despite Resignation,' by John Rice, published by the Associated Press, 20th February, 2008. (

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