Monday, 18 February 2008

Lefthandpalm welcomes Kosovo

Kosovo has declared independence from Serbia, in a move that completes the break up of Yugoslavia (1).

The collapse of Yugoslavia was an inevitablity, and it has been very bloody. This final act of partition is not a bad thing, as long as Kosovo maintains its mutlicultural heritage. Kosovo should be a state that both Serbs and Albanian Muslims can call home. It would be a tragedy if it were to attempt to create an ethnic homeland in Kosovo - the concept of an ethnic homeland so 19th century. But the Albanian Muslims are familiar with the concept of 'ethnic cleansing,' having been on the receiving end of it themselves. My native optimism leads me to hope they'll recognise and respect the rights of the Serb minority, and the Serbs in Kosovo will recognise their futture lies in the world's newest state.
1 - 'Kosovo Declares Independence From Serbia,' by William Kole and Nebi Qena, for the Associated Press, 18th of February, 2008. (

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