Friday, 18 October 2019

Labour MPs supporting Johnson's turd-sandwich deal?

I find this unbelievable:
I've compiled a list of possible reasons why Labour MPs might consider voting for a dire, incoherent Conservative vision of Hard Brexit:
  1. Because they actually believe in this Brexit thing, which is terrifying.

  2. Because some of them accept the referendum result and want to see Brexit achieved, in some for or another.

  3. Because some of them represent Remain constituencies.

  4. Because they want this poisonous, divisive issue finished so they can get on with politics as normal.

  5. Because they are idiots.

  6. Because they are idiots.

  7. Because they are actually alien replicants in the style of invasion of the Body Snatchers.

  8. Because they would do anything - even endorse a Conservative uber-crappy Hard Brexit deal - if it meant sidelining Jeremy Corbyn.

  9. Because they are idiots.
I think that covers it.

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