Saturday, 26 October 2019

A wee rugby interlude

I struggle to maintain interest in rugby these days, and this will probably get me expelled from New Zeal, but I am enjoying this rugby semi and find myself instinctively supporting Englerland.


  1. They're the underdogs. That makes them almost Scottish.
  2. They're British, and I guess that counts for something.
  3. They're playing proper, Northern hemisphere driving, forwards based rugby, with none of this silly fancy-boy back stuff.
  4. They don't have twenty people called Barrett in the team.
  5. The English team all look like squat trolls, which is endearing. Proper rugby stock.
  6. The All Blacks all have silly moustaches and even some mullets.
  7. The English team doesn't have Will Carling, Rob Andrew or the Underwoods in it. Which makes it possible to like them.

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