Sunday, 29 September 2019

Rory Stewart pondering a new centrist party

Rory Stewart is hinting at a new 'centrist' political party.

For those of you struggling to remember who Rory Stewart is, he's another one of those failed leadership contenders who wanted so badly to lead the party, who was busy draping himself in the mantle of Conservative, but now wants nothing to do with it.  What is it with Tories?

So, having failed to charm Conservative voters, failed leadership candidate Rory Stewart wants to set up another party in the increasingly crowded 'centre' ground.

Where we already have the Lib Dems, and Change Uk (or whatever they are called now, assuming they are still a thing) and a gaggle of independents, many of whom are - like Rory - recently ejected from the Conservative party.

Because apparently we need more splitting of the centre left vote.

Is he actually a Johnsonite fifth columist trying to ensure a Conservative triumph?

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