Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Coalition scorecard

A slight move upwards after a couple of government ministers talk a good fight.
+1 ... Nick Clegg calling the Iraq invasion illegal (1). And Damien Green declaring a burqua ban would be 'unBritish' (2).

OVERALL 3/10 - It's these little flashes of principle that keep the government just about looking respectable. They might be economic idiots and social vandals, but they manage to show more principle in a week than Labour did in 13 years.
Still, it has only been a couple months. They really have managed to plumb the depths pretty fast, and I suspect they may manage to sink lower still.
1 - "Nick Clegg's 'illegal' Iraq war gaffe prompts legal warning," by Micholas Watt. Published in the Guardian, 21rd of July, 2010. (
2 - "Damian Green says burka ban would be 'un-British'," unattributed article. Published by the BBC, 18th of July, 2010. (

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