Sunday, 25 July 2010


The PRC has just sentenced Uighur journalist and blogger Halaite Niyaze to FIFTEEN YEARS imprisonment for daring to write about the disatisfaction felt by Uighurs in Xinjiang prior to last year's bloody riots. Saying that people were unhappy, and that disquiet might explode into unrest or violence has been 1984'd into "endangering national security"(1).

For warning the government of the effects of thier policies, the 51 year old journalist will be imprisoned until he's 66.

Meanwhile, Nice John Key has been over in that part of the world, apologising for New Zealanders exercising their freedom of speech in New Zealand (2), and pledging to double our trade with these repressive, murderous bastards (3).

1- "China sentences Uighur writer to 15 years in jail," by Alexa Olsen. Published by the Associated Press, reproduced by google News, 24th July, 2010. (
2 - "China accepts apology over Norman protest," by John harteveldt. Published by, 8th of July, 2010. (
3 - "Key pledges to double China trade," by john Harteveldt. Published by, 7th of July, 2010. (

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