Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Coalition Scorecard

I've been monitoring the progress of Britain's coalition government over on the News General discussion board (1).

The idea is simple - as a socialist, I am, of course, interested in matters of fairness, reason and science. Simply yelling "Boo! Tories!" isn't enough, so I've been keeping a sedulous record of the Good and Bad things that the coalition have done.

The scorecard started at 5/10 the day the coalition was formed - for all that the Boo! Tories! were in power, they hadn't actually done anything offense or wicked with it, and even Tories get the benefit of the doubt.

Here's where they stand as of today. This doesn't include every thing they have done, merely the actions that have been markedly wise or foolish.
+0 ... 5% pay cut for MPs. Silly gesture politics.
+1 ... Tax cut for the poorest, funded by the wealthiest. good and redistributive.
+1 ... The 55% rule is a good thing, would be even better at 66%.
+1 ....$10 billion of new spending. Even better, it makes the Tories look like scaremongering hypocrites.
-1 ... Plans to reduce the number of constituencies a VERY BAD THING.
+1 ... Increasing the capital gains tax, but ...
-1 ... Osbourne trying to hold off on it, pandering to wealthy Tories.
-1 ... Cutting business tax. Don't these fuckers know there is a DeT MowTIN?
-1 ... Hague's empty words on IDF killings. After ripping off our passports, why are we still talking to these murderous savages?
+1 ... Opening the books on spending. Possibly just to humiliate the last administration, but still a good move towards openness.
-1 ... Cameron and Osborne going overboard with the debt crisis rhetoric. Don't they realize they've won the election and have to actually act responsibly, now?
-1 ... Not changing the CGT rates to match income tax rates.
-3 ... VAT at 20%. Take that, pensioners and unemployed types! And for all the other ridiculously unnecessary austerity measures.
+1 ... Raising the tax free threshold a touch.
+1 ... Inquiry into allegations of torture.
-1 ... Cancelling school building programme. Idiotic, both in the short and long term.
OVERALL: 2/10 - Another point of because of the insane decision to stop building new schools. f**k**g future eating dingbat idiots. Again, the curious nature of the coalition is highlighted. They are doing some GOOD THINGS constitutionally and around the reckless authoritarian excesses of Labour. But they're being so idiotic on the economy that it is impossible to see how any of that will matter in a few years time. It's nice to know that, in the future, people will have know the truth about the torture allegations. Only, these dregs be too busy, scraping a living out of the unsympathetic soil and fending off bandit raids from outside the walls of their fortified settlements, to care much. And, of course, they won't be able to read ...
1 - The original source for this wondrous idea can be found here: I am sure the progression of the scorecard since the formation of the coalition will be of great interest to students of political history and lefthandpalmology.

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