Friday, 30 July 2010


Our valued trading partners are up to their usual tricks:
China has jailed three minority Uighurs who ran websites with content considered politically sensitive by the government, according to a media report and an advocacy group.

-oO SNIP Oo-

Last week, the three men, identified as Dilshat Perhat, webmaster of Diyarim; Nureli, webmaster of Salkin; and Nijat Azat, webmaster of Shabnam, were sentenced to five years, three years and 10 years respectively, said Radio Free Asia and the Uyghur American Association, citing a brother of one of the men.
The Diyarim, Salkin and Shabnam websites were among the most popular Uighur-language sites, which were all blocked in China following the deadly unrest. The men were convicted of "endangering state security" during the one-day trial that took place sometime at the end of last week, according to Perhat's brother, Dilmurat Perhat, who lives in London.
Abject bastards. Makes me sick to see John Key groveling on his recent trip, and to think that Phil Goff brags about signing a historic free trade agreement with these swine.

Free trade trumps free speech?

Who'd have thought it. What a fucked up world.
1 - "China jails 3 Uighurs for sites deemed sensitive," by Tini Tran. Published by the Associated Press, 30th of July, 2010. Hosted by Google. (

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