Saturday, 11 April 2015

Generous George found some money down the back of the sofa

Astonishingly, George Osborne has just found £8 BILLION a year to spend on the NHS!

You'd think there was an election on, and the chancellor who has been banging on and on about austerity has suddenly realised he isn't actually going to be chancellor much longer if he doesn't come up with some pretty big rabbits, pronto.

You'll be surprised to learn there is a catch.

To get the money, we have to to wait until 2020. Until then, we'll have to make do with much smaller increase.

But Osbourne really, really promises us that he'll let us have the full 8 £billion, every year, in 5 years time.

Just like he really, really, promised us he'd eliminate the deficit in five years. And continued to promise, year after year, that it would be accomplished within five years. Without ever actually doing it.

Though if you look at what he actually says, it sound's a bit sinister:
The Five Year Forward View sets out a projected gap between costs and resources of up to £30bn by the year 2020-21. As the plan says, the majority of this gap, £22bn, can be made up through efficiency and reform
So the NHS has to find £22 billion in 'efficiency and reform.'   Wonder if that might mean cuts?

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