Thursday, 9 April 2015

'Dirty Politics' in the UK?

Look, about this Dirty Politics thing.

We (meaning Britain) pretty much invented it.  And for all that New Zealanders moan about John Key's twin track strategy, letting Cameron Slater smear his opponents while Key simply affects an air of blokey niceness and wins big majorities, Britain still does it better.  You didn't get main stream newspapers suggesting David Cunliffe's dad hated New Zealand.

Still, it is kicking off in Britain now.  Now only do we have Michael Fallon simultaneously attacking Ed Milliband for being too weak and too ruthless at the same time, but the Tories are unleashing a series of attack adverts that look more than a little familiar.

You can see that Lynton Crosby is working for the Tories.  The relentless personal attacks on Milliband, the 'this side / that side' billboards, the out of context quotes ... It's exactly what they've been doing in New Zealand for what feel like a hundred years. It stinks.  Down with this sort of thing!

At least the Demon Eyes poster about Blair was
a) funny and
b) kinda true as it turned out.

And the old 'Labour isn't working' from the 1970 is almost worth a Nobel Prize for Literature compared to the current right wing bilgefest.

The above was so effective that Labour have nicked off with it for their current NHS poster - a worrying trend, as Labour have form for stealing Tory ideas and it didn't end well then, either.

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