Tuesday, 2 September 2014

People of Turkey, Ukraine, I salute you!

For some reason, I seem to be getting a lot of visits from Turkey.  Or perhaps that's just where IP address disguisers are presenting as at the moment.  But I like to thin the Ruritanian nature of New Zealand politics is immensely amusing to my Turkish comrades.  We are all brothers under the skin (or sisters) and we can all unite in laughing at John Key.

the second most popular source of hits is what is currently Ukraine, who I salute in all seriousness.  Having overthrown one insane, bloodthirsty crackpot, they are now being menaced by another.   It's all a bit like the 1930s, with 'civilised' Europe pointing the accusatory fingers at the nasty man and telling him to stop, and the nasty man cheerfully ignoring them and wondering how on Earth he is getting away with it.

The situation in Ukraine is what real Dirty Politics look like, when the oligarchs and power crazed decide to stop even pretending to play by the rules.

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