Saturday, 6 September 2014

David Cameron, fraudster, con man and general ne'er-do-well

One of the Coalition’s most unpopular and punitive policies is finally on track for abolition, after Labour and the Liberal Democrats united to vote against the bedroom tax.   
MPs voted by 304 to 267 for a Bill, brought in by a backbench Lib Dem MP Andrew George, to limit the scope of the policy which penalises council tenants who are deemed to have more rooms than they need. 
Despite the efforts of Government whips to get Tory MPs into Parliament to oppose Mr George’s Bill, about 70 Conservative MPs were absent, while all but a handful of Labour MPs and 52 out of 55 Lib Dem MPs, including four Cabinet ministers – Danny Alexander, Vince Cable, Ed Davey and Alistair Carmichael – and the Pensions Minister, Steve Webb, voted against the Government. 
If, by the time you read this, David Cameron has not resigned as Prime Minister, as an MP, he should (if he has any principles at all) report to the nearest police station and demand the officers on duty to arrest him.

If he doesn't do that, he is liable to immediate arrest and all citizens of Britain should be on the look out for this confidence trickster.

Because if he continues to maintain that he is the Prime Minister, leads anything that resembles a government, or enjoys the confidence of parliament, or the respect of his own party, he is a fraudster.

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