Thursday, 22 May 2014

Why the Farage barrage?

I do wish the proper press would row back on the whole Farage UKIP thing.  He's not the anti-Christ, he's just a self-promoting knob, and doesn't deserve the free publicity.

He's not as important or as interesting as the continual wailing and ngnashing of teeth would make him out to be.  Or, at any rate, whether or not he is important is irrelevant; FPTP wont allow him to be.

Obviously, there's a better story in "Farage is Intensely Controversial" than there is in "Farage is not Important."  And a bit of me wonders if there a deliberate policy to continue splitting the rightwing vote.  Either way, it is not the role of responsible media to manufacture or manipulate the news like this.

Also, there are stupid people out there who do this sort of thing if they are told enough times that Farage = Moseley and the UKIP are his Blackshirts reformed.

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