Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Ralph Miliband

I wasn't going to get involved - however irrelevantly - in the whole foul stinking mess the Daily Mail has created around Ralph 'Father of Ed' Miliband.  It was just too odious.

But the Mail has decided to double down on its vileness, and the Spectator has joined in.

I'm not at all surprised at the Mail being scummy over this.  That's what the Daily Mail is for.  It's the id of the Tory party, the primordial urges that shouldn't be voiced and can't be acknowledged.  If the Mail is saying it, you can be sure the British right is saying it. 

With this in mind, I'm slightly disappointed in the Spectator.  It shows the poison that is used to print the Mail is spreading to other parts of the British right and what would normally be unspeakable is simply becoming a little bit rude and impolite.

Still, this nasty little episode shows how foul and remorseless the right really is. Any excuse, any means. Besmirching a dead war veteran - a man who fought for his adopted country, one of those whose courage and willingness to lay his life down to save Britain we recall on Remembrance Day.

That's truly repulsive, even by the dismal standards of the Mail.

And this hypocritical smearing after all the po-faced sanctimonious phoney calls for respect for the dead after Thatcher died. It shows how empty and self-serving their pretend offence over 'Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead' was.  Lying two-faced hypocritical scumbags devoid of human decency - who'd have thought it?

I suppose it show Ralph Miliband was right in his comments about the British (actually English) character - there is a loathsomeness about the British right that is hard to describe without reaching for the strongest and most contemptuous terms.

You want to measure of how utterly odious the Mail's smears are?  It has made Alastair Campbell - ALASTAIR CAMPBELL - seem like a decent human being.

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