Thursday, 3 October 2013

More on Miliband

A picture is worth a thousand words, they say, and actions speak louder than words.  So here's a picture and an account of someone's actions.

The toothy young chap in the picture is Ralph Miliband, wearing the uniform of the Red Army British Navy, which he often wore as he proclaimed his hatred for Britain fought for Britain in the Second World War.

The list of people excoriating the Mail grows longer and shows just how far from the path of sanity and decency the vile little rag has gone.  Ralph Miliband's biographer, Michael Newman, has weighed in, describing the use of quotations as 'distorted' and the piece as a 'vicious and offensive' attack on Miliband.  But he's writing in Pravda The Guardian so probably a leftist liar Blairite Trotskyist Britain hater sane, so we can safely ignore him.

The Mail, after all, operates in a place where the normal rules don't apply, where even the laws of physics (c.f. Climate change) have been repealed, so why should decency and honesty still apply?

Tory grandee (how I hate that word!) Michael Hesseltine also condemns the Mail's ravings.  But he was something of a traitor, wasn't he?  He pretty much destory Margret Thatcher, so what would you expect?  He's finally coming out as a leftist liar Britain hater, as is anyone who refuses to indluge in the Two Minutes Hate that the Mail is calling for to be directed at a dead veteran of the Second World War.

The preposterously titled Lord Moore of Lower Marsh also speaks out against the Mail.  He's described by the Gaurdian as a 'Thatcher ally' and Miliband acted as his political comissar tutor at the London School of Economics.  But the LSE was founded by socialists and leftist liars, so any alumnus of that corrupt institution has to be suspect.

Even current Tories - who might have a bit to fear from the Wrath of the Mail - have been moved to speak, with Zac Goldsmith describing the anti-Miliband campaign as 'appalling.'  But Goldsmith accepts that the laws of physics work, that climate change is happening and that the effects might be a bit worse than forcing the good yeomen of England to convert their farms to vineyards.

It's saddening that David Cameron has not said anything about this debased attack on the leader of the opposition.

It really beggars belief that the Mail is trying to brazen this out, rather than Memory Holing the embarrassing blunder.  One wonders if it is a strategic move - if Labour form a government in 2015, every misstep, every failure and every frustration will be described as Miliband Jnr carrying out his father's dark goal of destroying the country he hates.

It is good to see Conservatives repudiating the Mail.  there is no need for the sort of grotesque smears masquerading as journalism that it specialises in.  the fact that a major newspaper thought this was acceptable is an index for how course and demeaned our politics have become.

It isn't a one way street of course.  When thatcher died, there was plenty of hateful display by idiots on the left.  Perhaps this was what made the the Mail think traducing Miliband was acceptable.  But claiming the behaviour of oafs as a a justification simply reveals the oafishness of the person making the claim.  One can not stoop and stand up straight at the same time.  The Mail has stooped willingly, indeed with indecent enthusiasm, into the filth.

The true colours of the haters on the left, who gloated at Thatcher's death seems no different to the sickening hue of the idiots who delighted in calling Gordon Brown a one eyed spastic drug addicted psychopath, or the current putrid snarling of the Mail.

What it comes down to is you're either civilised or you're not; political persuasion is secondary.

Now I could finish up by telling you what I think of Mail editor Paul Dacre - a man who might be truly said to hate Britain as he has used almost every opportunity to degrade and coarsen it's journalism -  and  Geoffrey Levy, the scribbler who concocted the original poisonous stew of misrepresentation and venom.

I could make up some random stuff about them, post some libellous allegations about them.  After all, they've signalled anything is fair game and making an honest representation of facts isn't really that important.

But I won't, because I'm civilised.


In A flap said...

I was wondering, as I find it hard to get any information online, just what millibabble majors war record was. I know he served in 2 ships and ended up in the Med, but I haven't been able to establish his rank or much else about what he did in the navy.
It gets mentioned an awful lot in order to show his credentials as a patriot, but then bugess, philby and maclean were all in the services as well, not of course am i suggesting he was a spy, but being in the services does not automatically prove ones love for ones adoptive country.
It would just be interesting to put some more meat on the bone so to speak.

lurgee said...

While I have harped on about it a bit, the military service thing is a bit of a diversion. Though it is fun whacking the Mail with the Patriotic-Honour-Our-War-Heroes stick as it usually spews phoney jingoism and sentiment at every opportunity.

The main point is really that the Mail's assertion that Miliband hated Britain is completely and utterly unfounded. In their attempts to substantiate the claim, they brazenly misrepesent his old diary - and pretend that wanting to change British society means hating it. By theat standard, Margaret thatcher must have hated Britain as well!

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