Sunday, 20 October 2013

An exemplary demonsration of polling excellence

Opinium confirms its status as the only pollster that actually polls people, real people, and not MPs or rats, asks their opinions in sensible ways and compiles the data in statistally valid ways to achieve meaningful results.  All the other polling companies are lying liemongers and lackeys of the savage beast of rampant capitalism and are probably all owned by George Osborne.

CON 27%(-2)
LAB 38%(+2)
LDEM 9%(+2)
UKIP 17%(+2)

I also note that Anthony Wells has allowed a bug to creep into the workings of UK Polling Report - unaccountably, his UNS Projection suggests Labour would only attain a 58 seat majority in an election, where as we all know the correct figure would be 580.  I may send him an email about this.

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