Thursday, 28 March 2013

Richard Littlejohn is a Dick

Usual despicable pish form the whine-iest man in Britain.  Read on, ye who are strong of stomach:
From across North London came reports of Romanians moving into homes while the owners were away. 
['Reports', eh? No hard data, then? Just some anecdotes. How many 'reports' and how many of them were checked out? Hmmmm?]
In almost all of these cases, the squatters waved a ‘tenancy agreement’ that had allegedly been supplied by a broker. 
[Almost all of an unspecified number might be 2 out of 3. In fact, since we're operating in a fact free environment, I proclaim it IS two out of three.] 
The Government has now changed the law to make squatting a criminal, rather than a civil, offence. 
And since the new law came into force last September, guess what? Nearly half of all the squatters prosecuted or cautioned are, that’s right, Romanian. They heavily outnumber home-grown squatters and those from other nations, including Algeria and Nepal. 
[So, we're looking at a reduced time frame (only since September) and only those squatters prosecuted or cautioned. Not the ones who decided to move on or are still awaiting prosecution. So, in fact, 'nearly half' might be 'nearly half' of a minority of the squatter populatio. Probably, it is those three families mentioned a few moments before.] 
And if Romanians make up half of all squatters, they also seem to comprise at least 50 per cent of all the beggars in central London these days. Presumably they return to their suburban squats of an evening. 
[Ah, but they don't make up half of all squatters, do they? We've just looked at Wot You Woz Sayin' and that wasn't Wot You Woz Sayin'. It's what you want us to think you were saying, however.  You pathetically inept moronic hatemonger.] 
Scotland Yard says that most of the cashpoint crime in the capital is down to Romanians, too. 
[Fair enough. That seems to be plainly stated and attributed to a source that would likely be able to able to make the judgement.] 
So, against this background, it’s worth putting into context Call Me Dave’s ‘tough on immigration’ speech yesterday, written in response to the imminent lifting of restrictions on Romanians and Bulgarians moving to Britain.
[So, against this background, your essay is a pile of disingenuous deceiving dog whistling hate promoting shit.] 

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