Thursday, 21 March 2013

Hurrah! Young people offically worthless!

Sorry, should have typed, 'worth less':
A youth payrate - of $11 an hour - has been reintroduced after legislation passed in Parliament tonight. The Minimum Wage (Starting-out Wage) Amendment Bill passed its third reading 61 votes to 60. 
National, United Future and ACT were the only parties to vote in support of the legislation which will allow for a youth rate to be set at no less than 80 per cent of the minimum wage for 17-19-year-olds who are not supervising or training other workers. On current figures the rate would be $11 an hour.
So at least everyone under the age of 19 knows who to blame.

Young people are worth even less than the minimum wage that is less than the minimum wage. It's almost like there was a substantial labour reserve putting downward pressure on wages. Just remember the wise words of Pastor Neillmoller:
"First, they came for the scruffy, long haired teenagers with faces still blighted with acne. But I was was a middle-aged reactionary National voter, so I did nothing. Then I found my own wages weren't growing in line with inflation and I was screwed, and it was too late."
Bottom line, pay the work, not the worker.

Can expect a strong and decisive commitment from Labour to repeal?  Hello?  Anyone there?

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Hi Lurgee,

just wanted to say thanks for your (IMO) interesting blogging. sporadic (less so than my zero posts ever) but interesting


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