Wednesday, 17 November 2010


William Windsor is going to marry Kate Middleton (1).

I'm willing to be the republican scape goat for the righteous royalist wrath that will be aimed at scornful republicans who dare to voice an opinion that doesn't chime with the new Patriotic Correctness and refuse to acknowledge the imminent nuptials as not just a Good Thing, which they are - for the persons concerned, and that doesn't mean us - but an Important Thing, which they aren't.

Why are we excited about the news a decayed line aristocrats announcing their intention of perpetuating their line?

I feel for Kate, who seems like a nice girl, who could have made something of herself. Marrying a chronic benefits scrounger like Willie Windsor is nothing to brag about. The man's been sucking on the tit of the state all his life. Cut his benefits and force him to get a job.

Yes, I know he has a 'real' job flying a helicopter. I was being ironic. I'm sure his day job has nothing to do with his family. I mean, what's the point of being royal if you have to succeed on your own merit? Rather misses the point ...

If the media keeps things within the bounds of good taste, I'll say no more, because they actually seem like nice enough people, and I don't want to partake of the petulant streak that seems to inform a lot of Republicans. Yeah, I know I just called him a benefit scrounger. So he is. He's had more public money lavished on him than half the legion of 'scroungers' berated by the Daily Mail have enjoyed, collectively.

(Don't quote me on that, I just made the statistic up)

Have received a lot of public money doesn't make him a bad person, of course - any more than receiving benefits makes a beneficiary a bad person. But it does illustrate the strange divergence in conservative thought, where lavishing money on the scion of a Beloved National Institution (which already has plenty)is a good thing, but providing people with the means to survive (as opposed to providing them with the means to work) is a Bad Thing.

But, apart from then, i hope William and Kate are happy, because the world doesn't need more misery. But anyone getting excited about their marriage needs to grow up, excessively.
1 - 'Prince William and Kate Middleton engagement announced,' by Stephen Bates and James Meikle. Published in the Guardian, 16th of November, 2010. (

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