Friday, 12 November 2010

Coalition scorecard

Haven't been updating this for a while, mostly because I've been busy and becuase, after 6 months, it is pretty obvious where this government is going. from a high of +8 to -1 in six months is quite impressive.

Still, the last few weeks have seen the unmitigated disasters of the conmprehensive Spending review and Iain Duncan Smith's benefit 'reforms.' So I'm lopping another -1 off to reflect these developments. It could have been more, but I'd previously taken 3 points off when the scale of the cuts had been outlined.
-1 ... George Osbourn's comprehensive spending review exceeds expectations of wrongheaded horribleness.
OVERALL: -2/10. After the initial surge of Good Ideas and interesting tweaks, the coalition is plunging into depths of hideousness from which it isn't likely to emerge.

The tragedy is that the good stuff has generally been stuff which is nice but not essential, for people's day to day lives and the economic recovery. But where they've gone wrong has been in the areas which will affect people's lives.

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