Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Sweet baby Jesus wept

Just when it looked like the nuclear industry might successful reinvent itself as an unlikely Saviour Of Humanity from climate change, this comes along:
Organs and bones were illegally harvested from the bodies of dead nuclear industry workers at Sellafield without their consent over a period of 30 years, an inquiry found yesterday.

The relatives of 64 staff, many of whom only discovered their loved ones had been stripped of livers, tongues and even legs decades after they were buried, said the inquiry's findings proved the existence of an "old boys' club" among pathologists, coroners and scientists around Sellafield prior to 1992 which prioritised the needs of the nuclear industry above those of grieving family members.

In evidence to inquiry chairman Michael Redfern QC, who oversaw the Alder Hey inquiry, representatives of the workers said they felt as if bodies had been "mutilated" and treated as "commodities" to assist in research on behalf of the industry to disprove the link between cancers and radiation. (1)
Because that's going to work, isn't it?

"Look! We behaved in a shifty, downright illegal, insensitive, borderline sociopathic manner, you can trust our conclusions because we're obviously completely straight up and not at all the sort of people who, having behaved in a shifty, downright illegal, insensitive, borderline sociopathic manner to obtain the body parts of your loved ones, would then manipulate twist or misrepresent the results of our sick little secret experiment on you Morlocks, you can trust us.

"And while we're about it, you can trust us to save you all - at great profit to ourselves - from climate change. Honest. We're not at all dubious, self-serving and likely to be lying through our worthless glowing teeth."
1 - "How Sellafield 'mutilated' its workers' bodies," by Jonathan Brown. Published in the Independent, 17 November 2010. (

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