Thursday, 10 June 2010

Ye Gods ...

The candidates who will contest for the leadership of the Labour Party (1) are ...
Diane Abbott
Ed Balls
Andy Burnham
David Miliband
Ed Miliband
Seriously, WTF? What dreadful pass have we come to? This is the best Labour can muster?

The unions and the general membership should rise up and lynch the parliamentary party for nominating such an insipid bunch. the right of the party worked furiously to keep John McDonnell off the ballot, because they knew he might - just might win enough support in the unions and the party to force the self serving parliamentary members to acknowledge him. So Diane Abbott - DIANNE ABBOTT - is, in all seriousness, being put up as a credible candidate.

How did the party of Keir Hardie, Clem Attlee, Ernest Bevin and Aneurin Bevan come to this? A choice between four rightwing careerists, all tainted by their association with the last regime - the one rejected by Labour voters a month ago - and a fool who thinks homeopathic 'remedies' should be available on the NHS.

Who will win? David Cameron, of course.
1 - "Diane Abbott makes it on to Labour leadership ballot," by Helene Mulholland. Published in The Guardian, 9th of June, 2010. (

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Dave Semple said...

Thank god there is someone else out there who has the right perspective on Abbott.

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