Thursday, 10 June 2010

They say every cloud has a silver lining

Surveying the dismal choice of candidates for the Labour leadership, I've managed to find at least one positive aspect - once again the superior efficiency of socialism is demonstrated.

Think about it - Labour has gone straight from its John Major to its Iain Duncan Smith, without wasting time with the William Hague interregnum. It took Tories years to find the bottom of their leadership barrel and scrape it clean. Labour have achieved the same in a month.

Ed Miliband should win comfortably. The other figures are all too divisive, and though they'll have strong support from different factions, Ed Miliband will pick up the second choice votes, even if he isn't anyone's first choice. Which will mean another decade of scheming, squabbling and disunity as the candidates who think they should have won try to undermine him.

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