Friday, 27 November 2009

Air con con

Let's start small, eh? Get back into he swing of things.

I was casually googleblasting about Ian Wishart's book, Air Con - which I have not read, but I am thinking about reading - when I stumbled upon this comment, from British naturalist, David Bellamy:

Ian Wishart's AIR CON is another masterpiece of scientific reason, letting the thinking world know that so-called man-made global warming is the greatest scam ever aimed at humanity. Please read this book. (1)
This is striking, because if there is one person who should STFU about climate change, it is david Bellamy, the man whose inability to type (allegedly) (2) launched a thousand blog bleats about almost all the world's glaciers advancing rather than retreating ... And who grumpily declared that he was intending 'draw back' from the climate change debate as a result of being exposed as a lumbering lummox (3). The quotation above does not sound like someone drawing back from anything, apart from his credibility. And isn't describing climate change, which he once characterised as "this most complex of scientific issues," (4) as the "the greatest scam ever aimed at humanity" just a touch hypocritical?

So why is Bellamy still blathering on about it? And why does Wishart think a quote from Bellamy is going to enhance his book's appeal?

If nothing else, it really makes me want to not read it.
1 - A quotation from Bellamy's review of Air Con, by Ian Wishart, reproduced in "Air Con author preparing to sue Herald, and Hot Topic," a press release published at The Breiefing Room, 13th of August, 2009. (
2 - 'Junk Science,' by George Monbiot, published in The Guardian,
10th of May, 2005. (
3 - "In an adverse climate," a letter written by Bellamy and
published in The Times, 29th of May, 2005. (
4 - ibid.

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