Saturday, 2 August 2008

Has the Iron Heel crushed No Right Turn?

No Right Turn (1) seems to be unavailable. Clearly (in the spirit of my boo-boo of the other day (2)) this can't just be a technical problem, but must be evidence of the Iron Heel of the Imperialist Oligarchs smashing another dissenting voice.

Who is next? And how far down the list am I?

Unsurprisingly, Kiwiblog (3) is still there, evidence (as if any more were required) that it is a front for the Reactionary Capitalist Lickspittels of the right.
1 - As of 1/8/2008, the page will not load and a very sinister looking box pops up
declaring the operation is 'aborted.'
2 - As described previosuly on lefthandpalm:
3 -

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