Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Polling trolling

Populous - long the enemy of truth and the people - have released yet another mendacious 'poll' suggesting the Labour lead may be as low as 5 (FIVE) points.

Someone should tell them that if they are going to foist lies upon us in a feeble effort to defend their despicable Tory paymasters, they should at least make the lies almost believable.

If they had claimed a Labour lead of just 15 points, it might have been accepted by the more partisan or credulous, though would undoubtedly have been met with howls of derision by anyone with a brain or a molecule of intellectual honesty about them.

CON 33%
LAB 38%
LDEM 12%


Everyone knows the Labour lead is really closer to 50%, of course, but you can't expect the Tories to face up to too much reality at once.

After all, if they had to dispense with comforting myths entirely, they would have to rethink their economic policy.

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