Sunday, 10 July 2011

Murdoch's morlocks

Is Rupert Murdoch losing the plot? This from today's Independent:
Mrs Brooks continues to enjoy the support of Rupert Murdoch. Asked yesterday, before he left for London, whether she had his backing, Mr Murdoch replied: "Total." He added: "I'm not throwing innocent people under the bus... we've been let down by people that we trusted, with the result the paper let down its readers." (1)
200 people - mostly unconnected with this scandal - have lost there jobs, but he isn't "throwing innocent people under the bus"?

Or perhaps mere workers don't count as people to Murdoch. They're just morlock labour, to be used when they are useful, and discarded without a second thought.
1 - "The Battle of Wapping, Mk II," by Jane Merrick, James Hanning, Matt Chorley and Brian Brady. Published in The Independent, 10th of July, 2011. (

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Robert said...

Is that not the way of life from the beginning of time,people being used and dumped while the people who cause the crimes walk away with golden handshakes. Listening to Miliband now on TV, talk about wriggle

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