Thursday, 28 April 2011

I was, of course, completely wrong

... When I predicted Roger Douglas would be the next - and final - leader of ACT (1).

Incredibly, they managed to find someone even more repulsive to mainstream New Zealand (remember that shibboleth, Don?). Someone who - in spite of running the most cynical and dishonest campaign in living memory, in spite of having patently ridiculously of funding from various eminence gris of the New Zealand right, and in spite of being up against a tired administration waiting to be put out of its misery - was rejected by the voters (2).

Yes, I can really see Don Brash luring 1 in 20 voters to cast their party vote for ACT. Rodney Hide (I'm almost remembering him with affection already) might have been corrupt and hypocritical in a venal way, but no-one would bother to write a book about him talking his girlfriend on holiday at the tax payers expense. Don Brash's electioneering antics merited a tome of their own, you may recall.

(Oddly, about a week ago I was looking for something light and frothy to read in the bath, and I picked out The Hollow Men. Clearly, something was in the air, even before Brash decided to lurch back onto the political stage)

(I'll leave it to you to decide what my choice of the Hollow Men as "something light and frothy" says about me, dear reader.)

Talk about baggage. In the dictionary, under "Damaged goods" it says, "See Don Brash." And in the thesaurus, Don Brash is a synonym for "Unelectable."
1 - As described previously on lefthandpalm:
2 - "ACT leadership stoush: Rodney Hide resigns ," by Tracey Watkins, Imogen Neale and Vernon Small. Published by Stuff, 28th of April, 2011. (

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