Saturday, 5 February 2011

Dead dogs

Lefthandpalm notes, with bitter amusement, the OUTRAGE about the termination of employment contracts of Canadian huskies (1). Or, as the Canadian media put it,
The merciless killing of at least 70 huskies by a dog-sled tour operator in British Columbia has created a loud uproar
Lefthandpalm wonders if there such a thing as an un-loud uproar?

And lefthandpalm further ponders, what did people expect happens to animals when they aren't economically useful?

Those dogs were there for a reason - to drag tourists about during the Winter Olympics. Once the reason went, there wasn't any reason for the dogs either. They gave some naive tourists some pretty sled rides, then the tourists went away, did they think to wonder what would happen to the muttswhen there weren't any tourists?

Bottom line is, if we weren't so fuckingly stupidly intent on 'experience' and 'being there' and so on, these things wouldn't happen.

We treat animals like shit, all over. Getting upset about this or that particular example of cruelty just smacks of blinkered blinkeredness.
1 - "Sled-dog killings in Whistler warrant harsh punishment," by Sameer Vasta. Published by Sympatico, 1st of February, 2011. (

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