Monday, 30 August 2010

More on our valued trading partners

When not shooting Tibetan protesters dead (1), or doling out 15 year sentences to people for blogging (2), or carrying out forced abortions on Uighur women (3), our valued trading partners in the PRC are arresting school children for writing in magazines:
Chinese police in Barkham (Chinese: Ma’erkang) County of Ngaba Prefecture in Sichuan Province had arrested four Tibetan school students on Mar 17 this year for allegedly instigating fellow-students against the Chinese government, said Aug 26, citing an exile monk with contact in the area. While two were said to have been given a two-year jail term each, the fate of the other two remain unknown.

The four – Sonam Rinchen (19), Sonam Dhondup (18), Yargay and Drakden – were accused of instigating the students through the magazine Namchag (Thunderbolt) of which they were the contributing editors. The first two are natives of Zoege (Chinese: Ruo’ergai) county while the latter two belong to Ngaba county, both in the same prefecture.

The four were reported to have carried in their magazine several articles, poems and essays by Tibetan students expressing solidarity with the Tibetans jailed for taking part in the Mar’08 protests across Tibet and paying tribute to those killed by Chinese security forces at that time.

The four – all students of Barkham nationalities higher intermediate school – were also reported to have initiated a gathering of Tibetan students on Mar 17 this year to commemorate the 2008 uprising.

Sonam Rinchen and Yargay are said to be serving a two-year jail term each, although their whereabouts remain unknown. The other two are said to be held somewhere in Barkham, no further information being available about them. (4)
It's really something to brag about, being the first country in the world to secure a free trade agreement with people like this.
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