Friday, 7 August 2009

MORE rightwing bullying ...

I don't know if David Garret thinks threatening MPs is okay in a Tonga law firm (1), the same way that he thinks sexual harrasment is (2), but it isn't done in New Zealand:
David Garrett is in hot water again after claims that he challenged a Labour MP to "take this outside" during heated exchanges in a select committee.

The exchange is understood to have taken place in a closed session of the law and order committee on Wednesday, and has prompted a privileges complaint from Labour MP Carmel Sepuloni.

It is understood her complaint relates to an exchange between Mr Garrett and another Labour MP, believed to be law and order spokesman Clayton Cosgrove. (3)

The fact that the MP Garrett is alleged to have threatened appears to be the MP who complained about Garrett's bullying of New Zealand citizens testifying to the committee he sat on (4) is, I'm sure, just just a coincidence and not at all a case of a loudmouth bully losing it and resorting to threats against someone who's already pissed him off.

Maybe Garrett should go back to Tonga, if that's how they do things there, or perhaps Fiji, where he'd find the government more in line with his thuggish attitude.

How many more strikes are you going to give yourself, David?

[Hat tip - No Right Turn (5)]
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2 - "ACT managing MP's sex comment well - Key," unattributed NZPA article. Published in the New Zealand Herald, 22nd of June, 2009. (
3 - Kay, op. cit.
4 - As described previously on lefthandpalm:
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