Sunday, 30 August 2009

Just sick and evil

Sue Bradford is once again being targetted with threats, specifically threatening her life:

Anti-smacking campaigner Sue Bradford has received chilling death threats and been warned she could be New Zealand's "first political assassination".

Police are looking at stepping up her personal security after the vile warnings on Twitter. The Green MP said: "There has been a whole lot of stuff. Some of it is pretty nasty."

She told Sunday News: "I was on Twitter and someone sent a tweet saying, 'Sue Bradford should be the first candidate for a political assassination’.

"There is another email that was really ugly a few weeks ago that we referred to police." (1)

Note how the sick little bastard focuses on the woman. John Key is the one calling the shots now - unfortunate choice of metaphor - you pillock.

It is interesting that the wording is almost identical to the threats made in 2007 (2). Does this mean it is the same person, or that all misogynistic rightwing knuckledragging hatefilled child beating bigots are the same?

I assume the 'big' rightwing bloggers would not endorse this sick sentiment, but I wonder if the hatred and hysteria they allow and sometime encourage contributes to this low? Some jumped up little arse decides he (or, in a slightly more unlikely scenario, she) wants to 'do a whaleoil' and comes up with this repulsive little outburst of venom.

Farrar and Whale et al might deplore and excoriate this viciousness, but at the end of the day, there blogs have provided a platform for people to shrill their hatred and grandstand. They've been happy enough to let it go on, enjoying the noteriety and the boost it gives to their profile. They built the sewer and even fed the rats now scurrying about. They have to take some responsibility for the coarsening and unpleasantness of what passes for political discourse on the right.
1 - "Death threats to Sue Bradford," by Neil Reid, 30th of August, 2009. (
2 - "Google shuts down controversial blog," unattributed AAP article. Published in The Age, 22nd of February, 2009. (

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Boganette said...

Well said. I find it incredible that the guy behind the threat is claiming someone framed him.

It's almost like these people are surprised when other people take exception to their revolting threats and insults. They seem to think there's nothing at all wrong with setting up blogs and websites (like CyfWatch) that aim to intimidate and attack people.

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