Friday, 12 June 2009

Sympathy for Little Nicky?

Nick Griffin, leader of the BNP, has been very busy blowing his trumpet over the 'success' of his party in the Euro elections.

(Note to Nicky - two seats is not success, particulalry when you were claiming you might get eight.)

His bluster serves to distract from one point worth consideration. Griffin was not the first on the BNP list. That spot went to and ex-member of the National Socialist Network (An organisation founded on the anniversary of Hitler's birthday, though I'm sure that, lik the coincidence of nomenclature with Hitler's party, is entirely coincidental) and former National Front chairman, Andrew Brons.

Why is this interesting? Because it suggests that a shift has orccured in the BNP. What party puts its official leader second on the list? One that doesn't really think he is the leader anymore.

Griffin has worked hard to shift the BNP away from the National Front 'racist lout' image. He's been partly successful, but it looks like that success is his undoing. The old guard of the far right - Brons is very much one of them - seem to have been attracted to the BNP as the best means to electoral success. A post on the neo-Nazi webste suggests that the National Front are trying t colonise their more politically acceptable sibling. A member of Stormfront identifying him/herself as 'Candidate,' posted:
... speaking to AB a few weeks ago he said that at the moment the BNP was the only viable option (2)
Which is interesting.

So it looks like Nick Griffin's 'victory' will prove to have been Pyhrric. He might have gained a 'breakthrough' and garnered some headlines, but it looks like he's lost control of his party to the old school, less media savvy racists.

I predict that Brons will sideline Griffin. Possibly he will split entirely, announcing that the BNP has "lost its way" or some such. Or maybe Griffin will mount a counter insurgency and try to drive out the National Front elements that have infiltrated his party. Because the far right, like the far left, likes nothing more than a good schism.

Or perhaps Little Nicky will accept what happens and accept his role in the Brons BNP. Perhaps Avuncular ANdrew will find his a position with true weight - maybe giving him the responsibility for promoting the BNP's stated policy of retaining Britain's "traditional weights and measures" (3).

n.b. The headline of this post is disingenous. I feel no sympathy for Little Nicky. He's a fat, slimy, racist turd-in-a-suit.
1 - As described previosuly on lefthandpalm:
2 Posted by Candidate on Stormfront, in a disccusion titled, "BNP PPB," dated 27th of May, 2009. (
3 - From the BNP's manifesto, viewed 12th of June, 2009. (

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