Saturday, 27 June 2009

Lurgee's Paradigm VI: "They can't even get the weather right ..."

I wasn't actually going to bother with this non-argument, because I thought it was so bloody witless that there was no point. But on Thursday, Garth George appeared on the the panel segement of Jim Morra's Afternoon show on National Radio, and loudly announced, after a few vague comments about climate change and how it was bollocks, "After all Jim, they can't even get the weather right for tommorrow, far less for ten years or twenty years down the track."

Um ... that isn't their job, Garth. Day to day weather is difficult to predict. Seasonal trends, however, are more obvious - it gets colder in winter, right, and warmer in summer. With me so far, Garth? The same applies on an even longer scale. We can say, with some confidence, that this year will be warmer han that year - basing our suppositions on cylces like sunspots, el nino and la nina. And, of course, the biggie, we can calculate the likely effect of X amount of CO2 in the atmosphere, on top of all the other myriad factors.

So as soon as someone starts banging on about how 'climate change scientists can't tell us what the weather right for tommorrow,' you know you're in the presence of denial. And denial of a particularly stupid sort, as this is the most feeble of all arguments put forward by deniers.

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