Tuesday, 24 March 2009

You have to admire the audacity II

Don Brash is all het up about the refusal by the police to reveal what they know about the identity of the person(s) who leaked National Party emails to Nicky Hager:

Dr Brash said yesterday that he was told by Mr Quinn as he was wrapping up the case that he would be sent a copy of the police file but, a year on, he had seen nothing.

He had not followed it up, "mainly because in a sense I've moved on and it doesn't generate quite the same anger as it did back then".

But he believed police should make the file public. "I frankly think that the way the police have handled this is little short of outrageous." (1)

Come on, Don. That 'outrageous' line is a bit rich. We're the ones who were - and are - outraged by your hypocrital and disingenuous conduct in 2005.

Thanks to the unidentified leaker(s), we know what you tried to do, and we thought it was disgusting. We were so digusted we voted Clark and her dithering grafters back in for another three years. Why are you such a fan of openness now, when a few years ago you were so desperately secretive and deceptive?

1 - 'Brash angry at delays in email inquiry,' by Tracy Watkins in the Dominion Post, published 24th of March, 2009. Reproduced on stuff.co.nz. (http://www.stuff.co.nz/national/politics/2286031/Brash-angry-at-delays-in-email-inquiry)

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Anonymous said...

Nicky Hager's book "The Hollow Men" remains a wonderful text book for any student of political life in New Zealand.

I don't think Don Brash emerged much worse than the spin doctors employed to manage him.

He was caught up in something a lot bigger than he could handle. If he admitted that we could all move on.

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