Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Just bloody sad

Just been announced:

British Conservative Leader David Cameron's disabled six-year-old son Ivan has died after being taken ill overnight, a party spokeswoman said on Wednesday

Ivan, who suffered from cerebral palsy and severe epilepsy and needed constant care, died in the early morning at St Mary'sHospital, Paddington in west London.Cameron and his wife Samantha have two other children,Nancy, 5, and Arthur, 3."David and Samantha would ask that their privacy is respected at this terribly difficult time," they said in a statement. (1)

There's a very poigniant little Australian film directed by Adam Elliot, called Brother. It describes the short and not very happy life of a disabled child, the narrator's elder brother:

Memories of you I will always keep. God saw you were tired, and put you to sleep.
That almost always makes me cry.
1 - 'David Cameron's disabled son Ivan dies,' unattributed newsflash published by Israel News, 25th of February, 2009. (,7340,L-3677328,00.html)
2 - 'Brother,' directed by Adam Elliot, 1999. Courtesy of You Tube (

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