Friday, 13 February 2009

Cameron Direct

David Cameron, the leader of the British Conservative Party and the husband of the seventeenth most important conservative in Britain (1), wants to get in touch with the people of Britain.

He is holding regular public meetings in local communities, where people can ask him questions:
I sometimes get frustrated that everything in this job is done through the media, rather than directly with people. So this week I launched 'Cameron Direct', which is like the old-fashioned town hall meetings, where anyone can come and ask their question - regardless of which party they support. (2)
It remains to be seen if he'll roll up his sleeves and exchange fisticuffs with any gobby Trots that try to heckle. Here's hoping ... The meetings are broadcast over the interweb (3).

This is all very laudable, and I wouldn't mind asking Mr Cameron a question, except, of course, I'm in New Zealand. So it is unlikely I'll even be awake to watch it.

But for this week, here's what I'd have liked to ask him:
"Dave, according to, you were very strongly in favour of the invasion of Iraq, and now you are strongly in favour of an investigation into that war. Does that mean you were suckered into believing false evidence, or are you merely cynically trying to exploit the issue to discomfit the government?

"And, whichever answer you provide, how does this qualify you to lead our country?

"And, if you want to be so in touch with the feelings of the people, how did you fail to notice the million+ who took part in the Stop the War demonstration?"
Chances of getting an answer that wasn't political business as usual? Very low.
1 - As described previously on lefthandpalm:
2 - David Cameron, explaining the reasons he launched Cameron Direct, text and video available at the following website, as of the 13th of February, 2009:
3 - Cameron Direct can be viewed live, and previous meetings are archived at this website, as of 13th of February, 2009:

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