Saturday, 8 November 2008

Spoiler Warning

Today, in an act of democratic defiance, I'll trot off to the polling station and spoil my ballot.

I can not justify voting for either Labour or National. National was never a realistic option. Labour have failed to offer any big idea to inspire me to vote for them, and my repugnance at their Free Trade Agreement with the P.R.C. is too strong. Appartatchiks might wail about choosing the 'least worst' or focusing what is 'best for New Aealand.' But stuff them, their simply trying to cozen a few more votes for their corrupt, useless party who have snuggled up with the most hateful and evil regime on the planet.

Greens out, because they would simply support Labour, and I can't justify a proxy vote for Labour. Ditto most of the other left leaning parties. Even the token parties are out, because if some freak of electoral absurdity were to put a representative of the Workers' Party in the Beehive, they would inevitably coallese with Labour. Anyway, there's something disheartening about a bunch of student Trots calling themselves workers, with straight faces. Especially when they are constantly shrilling for surplus value to be appropriated to pay for their personal improvement.

ACT, NZ First or United Future? Don't be silly.

So in a few hours time, I'll scribble all over my ballot paper, because I think it is important enough to show that you care, by turning up. But I also think it is important enough to not waste your vote on a party you despise, that you disagree with and that you think needst o return to its principles and work out why it wants to be in power in the first place, other than to provide a bunch of porkers with sinecures.

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