Thursday, 10 July 2008

Rawnsley and Veitch - a double standard to make you weep

As of right now Tony Veitch is still employed (1) by TVNZ, inspite of having potential criminal charges hanging over him and having admitted to a 2006 assault on his then girlfriend that was so extreme it left her in a wheelchair. Contrast this with the treatment (2) meted out to TVNZ security gaurd Louis Rawnsley, who had the audacity to quietly tell Chritine Rankin that he thought some of her comments on Maori were out of order. He was sacked immediately.

Astonishingly, it seems TVNZ seems a violent misogynisitc rampage less shocking or worthy of sanctioning than telling an evil minded harpy the truth about her despicable racist stirring. It couldn't be because Veitch is a 'public' figure with high recognition, where as Rawnsley seems to have been a quiet, diligent employee with 24 years service behind him? Surely not.

Veitrch is a disgusting piece of human detritus, and TVNZ's hypocrisy is also disgusting. Which isn't to say the treatment given to Rawnsley should also apply to Veitch, but the reverse - if TVNZ are willing to be so thoughtful towards trash like Veitch, then the very least a quiet-spoken, polite man like Rawnsley deserves is the same consideration.

1 - 'Statement from TVNZ Regarding Tony Veitch,' released by TVNZ, Thursday 10th July, 2008. (
2 - 'TVNZ CEO defends sacking of security guard,' unattributed 3 News article, 8th of August, 2008. (

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