Monday, 21 July 2008

NAKED decline of RIHANNA standards in STEAMY journalism

This article- not written by ANGELINA JOLIE- is very true and amused me - LIKE A NAKED ROMP IN A HOT TUB - while at the same time as - hot girls in your area - depressing me because it is true, even there isn't really any reason to mention BARAK OBAMA and FERGIE. Still, as you can see, I've decided to get BIG BREASTS ahead of the pack and increase traffic by splice dull old lefthandpalm - or NUDECOCAINEHOTELROMPTHREESOMEPALM as it is shortly to be renamed - by tainting it with interent hot searches.

From the article:
There's something uniquely demented about slotting specific words and phrases into a piece simply to con people into reading it. Why bother writing a news article at all? Why not just scan in a few naked photos and have done with it?

And if you do persevere with search-engine-optimised news reports, where do you draw the line? Next time a bomb goes off, are we going to read "Terror outrage: BRITNEY, ANGELINA and OBAMA all unaffected as hundreds die in SEXY agony"? (1)
Makes you long for the days when you could afford to get annoyed with the tabloids bombarding us with pictures of Princess Diana looking oh-so-brave-yet-styly in her body armour, while neglecting to actually say much about the landmines she was supposed to be publicised. Nowadays, that sort of 90s Sun or Express style of coverage might be worthy of a Pulizer. Make that a NAKED HOT Pulizer.
1- "Online POKER marketing could spell the NAKED end of VIAGRA journalism as we LOHAN know it" by Charlie Brooker, published in the Guardian, 21st of July, 2008. (

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