Saturday, 19 January 2008

lefthandpalm says ... Do Not Feed The Troll!

If, for example, a prominent rightwng blogger were to start publishing photographs and details about the houses of leftwing activists, rather than get in a lather about it, it would be sensible to ignore the antics of the troll. (1)

Remember the words of the Duchess in Alice in Wonderland:
He only does it to annoy,
Because he knows it teases!
If the trollish one has gone to far and actually committed an offense here, I am sure the prominent leftwing activist will be aware of it and will take whatever action he sees fit.

If not, then by making a fuss about it, we are only giving the twattish troll the satisfaction and sense of importance he craves so desperately. Recall the fate of the Duschess's child - eventually, he turns into a pig and runs off, bothering no-one any longer. Ignored, the game will soon lose its appeal. It's only fun as long as the more intelligent and eloquent leftwing bloggers are getting themselves in a tizzy about it.

One might be permitted to call the blogger in question a dick, however. So here goes:

DICK. (2)

1 - Any striking similarity between the contents of this post and recent happenings in less salubrious parts of the New Zealand bloglands is purely coincidental. Honest.
2 - A rather small, floppy, unclean and underused one at that, with perhaps some mould starting to grow on it.

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