Monday, 7 January 2008

"The Kings of England" by George Monbiot

Monbiot scathes Lord Guthrie and Sir Kevin Tebbitt (1), following comments on the Today programme demonstrating their aristoctactic assumption that our leaders should be allowed to act as they see fit, regardless of piddling concerns like the Geneva Conventions.

An additional comment. Guthrie bemoans the fact that seeking parliamentary assent to declaring war would mean that secret intelligence being shared with MPs. Where has this man been for the last five years? Isn't he aware that virtually every piece of intelligence relating to Saddam Hussein's supposed horde of weapons of mass destruction has been proven false?

That is why we need more scrutiny, not secrecy. Perhaps their enoblement has befuddled Lord Guthrie and Sir Tebbitt and they fancy their rank invests with the rights and privileges of the medieval period. It would appear the aristocratic mein blinded a certain alumnus of Fettes College as well.
1 - "The Kings of England," by George Monbiot, published in The Guardian, 1st of January 2008. (

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