Friday, 13 July 2007

Howard "Not Uncomfortable" With Detention Without Charge - No Surprise There

John 'Racist Bastard' Howard has been described as "not uncomfortable" that an Indian doctor continues to be detained without any evidence. One would asume he would be "comfortable" if there were some more people of colour being detained for no reason, and might have an orgasm if police could kidnap a dozen of them.

No evidence against Indian doctor
- Aust media Reuters Friday, 13 July 2007

Australian police have no evidence against an Indian doctor held for 11 days without charge over failed car bomb attacks in Britain, but say he has had "significant contact" with the suspects, said local media.

Civil rights groups and lawyers have called on Mohamed Haneef to either be charged or set free, but Prime Minister John Howard said on Friday he was not uncomfortable with Haneef's detention without charge under tough anti-terrorism laws.

"I'm happy with the laws because I sponsored them. I defend them. We do need to arm ourselves with the laws that are being applied at the present circumstance," Howard told local radio.

"I think the Australian public is entitled to effective laws and God forbid that we should ever have a terrorist attack in this country," Howard said.

An Australian court will decide on Friday whether Haneef, a Queensland-based 27-year-old doctor, remains in detention as requested by police.

The Australian newspaper said that despite searches across the country, the questioning six Indian doctors and 11 days detention, police had failed to find any evidence linking Haneef to the British attacks.

Five other Indian doctors questioned have been released.


Right. So there is no evidence against him, and his 'significant contact' is that he had an online chat with a distant relative a couple of months ago:
Haneef is a second cousin to Kafeel Ahmed, one of the suspects now in a critical condition with burns from the Glasgow attack, and last contacted his cousin via an Internet chat in March/April 2007, said the documents.
You can't make this sort of stuff up. Joseph Heller is lucky he didn't ahve to try to write Catch-22 in the aftermath of this mess, a sane human couldn't invent this nonsense. A brief chat with a distant relative a couple of months ago means that you can be disappeared into the system. This is seriously messed up. No evidence? Then let him go, so he can carry on with his (now much delayed) journey to be with his wife and new born daughter.

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