Tuesday, 8 January 2019

MP mobbed by thugs

So, MP Anna Sourby has been harassed and abused as she walked to parliament.

Note I haven't mentioned the politican convictions of the MP or the people abusing her. It isn't relevant. It isn't about this person or that person's opinions. It doesn't matter if it is Anna Sourby been harassed by people who support Brexit, or Nigel Farage getting forced to take refuge in an Edinburgh pub. Or Steven Joyce having a sex toy thrown at him. It's all wrong. It's bullying and harassment. It's about tribalism and a lack of respect for others. It's insane how tribal politics seems to strip some people of even the basics of decency.

Let's also note this is a group of angry, aggressive men following and surrounding a lone woman. And I think it will be mostly men engaging in this sort of threatening, intimidating behaviour. That's beyond creepy.

And what is with the mobile phones? They are mobbing her, filming every step, trying to provoke a reaction, presumably without her consent.

Would anyone want this happening to their mother / daughter / wife / sister?

Or their father / son / husband / brother?

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