Saturday, 12 September 2015

Citizen Corbyn

It's been a Long March indeed, but it is almost over.  There's a wee while still to go, so amuse yourself with Robert Lindsay as Jeremy Corbyn Wolfie Smith:

Power to the people!

Odd thing is, I think the only reason Corbyn was put forward for the leadership was because Lisa Nandy was busy having a baby.  So, basically, it is all the fault of some bloke called Andy.


Mike Jones said...

Check out the bookies opinion, they are usually right. Corbyn for P.M. I don't think so.

lurgee said...

I wouldn't have thought so, either. But then, I'd never have picked Corbyn to be leader of the Labour Party six months ago. Almost anything is possible.


So, that worked out well for Theresa May . I wonder if she is anticipating a discrete visit from some men in gray suits? The woman has ...