Sunday, 15 June 2014

Come on, England!

Obviously, a Scotsman supporting Uraguay activated the infamous Curse of Costa Rica.

This is going to be one of these mad World Cups where it seems anyone could win, and then Germany / Brazil / Spain does. I'm glad I'm not English, because I'd suddenly be possessed by Hope and Absurd Dreams of Glory.

I suspect, however, the massive uselessness by all the 'big' teams is going to cancel itself out and everything will proceed as normal after the alarums and excursions of the pool phase.

Still, Costa Rica, eh? Trying to make me look bad. I might visit them with a plague or an earthquake or something.Weirdly, as a Scot, I found myself supporting England against the All Blacks last night, and would love to see them beat the Italians today.

Helps that the English rugby team now play more interesting rugby and isn't full of obnoxious fools like Carling and Guscott.  And the English football team are so perennially hopeless they are virtually Scottish these days.

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