Thursday, 26 September 2013

Song for Ed Miliband

The screaming and howling that has greeted Miliband rather modest proposals for capping power prices is hilarious to behold.  A conference speech by 'Red Ed' apparently wiped billions off the share price of utility companies.  Dire warning of a return to the power cuts of the 70s abound in the lunatic rightwing press.

Blimey, the man stopped a war and has not started a new Global Financial Crisis, and he isn't even in power.  Lenin has nothing on this chap.

By any saner-than-the-Daily-Mail standard, the speech was fairly middle-of-the-road stuff, cannily aimed at being seen to try to do things to make things easier for the typical family. If he was wading off to the extreme left he'd be talking about re-nationalising the electricity companies, not talking about capping profits.

Interestingly, the comments underneath the Mail article linked above suggest that Ed may have hit a nerve. Normally you'd expect anything he did to be utterly condemned and derided by the readers of the Mail ... But a lot of them are positive.  Tories may scream, but the people know they are being giped and they aren't listening to their masters any more.  Revolution is in the air!

So here's a slice of old fashioned tub thumping political pop, courtesy of Paul Weller in his Style Council Days.

"Lights go out," indeed!

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