Monday, 1 April 2013

"My boys! My boys!" RIP Richard Griffith

31 July 1947 – 28 March 2013

"The older order changeth, yielding place to new. God fulfills himself in many ways. And soon, I suppose, I shall be swept away by some vulgar little tumour. Oh, my boys, my boys, we're at the end of an age. We live in a land of weather forcasts and breakfasts that set in. Shat on by Tories, shovelled up by Labour. And here we are, we three, perhaps the last island of beauty in the world."

Some positively surreal comments appended to his not-quite-an-obituary in The Independent, carping about how he is described as playing 'borderline creepy types', presumably because Uncle Monty in Withnail & I is a) gay, and b) a slightly creepy type - though that might be a bit generous as he sets out to rape Marwood (the 'I' of the title). That's a bit creepy, innit? If you find the portrayal of a homosexual man as a predator, complain about the stereotypical and homophobic characterisations in Withnail & I, not the description of the character in the obituary. 'Borderline creepy' is rather generous as a description of Monty. But brilliantly incarnated by Griffith. And thank goodness he will be remembered for something more than Uncle Vernon in the Harry Potter films.

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